A large number of nutritional food products that claims exaggerated efficacy were seized in Taichung Total Swiss direct marketing company, Taichung branch. Said to regulate the solution of blood to improve the intestinal tract, eliminate fatigue, strengthen bones, immune regulation, etc., They are sold without permission, the main suspect Wang Wenqin, Huang and other 7 people were arrested after the violation of food hygiene management law. From 100 to 800 thousand NTD for bailout. The product turnover is more than 3.2 billion NTD, illegal income is still in liquidation.

Investigators pointed out that Wang Wenqin graduated from Tainan one, but falsely claimed to have the Department of Physics, National Taiwan University diploma, a Ph.D. from the United States of America biochemical physics, also boast of being a WHO member. The Company unauthorized import, Basic Element, Total Swiss Fit Solution, and other brands of nutrition, exaggerated nutritional food efficacy, claiming to regulate blood means to improve the intestinal tract, fatigue, strengthen bones, immune Regulation, etc., Claims the cells will be full of nutrition, vitality, cell health, natural repair of damaged organs.

Through the direct marketing company (members of more than 80.000 people), sales, distribution, many cancer patients gave up normal therapy, to take his nutrition food, thus delaying treatment.

Taipei, Taoyuan City, Miaoli City Investigation Department and the Zhongji investigation station, around the security police and with health bureau cooperation, dispatched more than 300 people to start the search and investigation throughout the country. Quick action, seized a large number of food, Wen Xuan goods, subpoena Wang Wenqin and Huang, and other 7 people, according to the food hygiene management law bail must be set to 100,000 to 800,000 yuan.

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