30.09.2016 -- 002

Dragon King International Co., Ltd., Bax International Co., Ltd. boss Wang Wenqin, import Basic Element, Total Swiss Fit Solution, 瑞斯維 (no translation available) and other brands of nutrition, through the 11 province's sales offices. Said to help the the immune system, regulating blood lipids and other effects. The company hasabout 80.000members, since the beginning of January last year and has a turnover of 3.2 billion yuan so far.

Their headquarters and sales offices were searched, seized related products, advertising, and propaganda. Wang Wenqin and other seven people tied to the case were arrested, according to a violation of the Health Food Control Act. Bail was set respectively, ranging from 100 to 800thousand NTD.

The prosecution found out, Wang Wenqin falsely claimed to be graduated from the Department of Physics of the National Taiwan University, has a US doctorate in biochemistry, and served as the United Nations WHO World Health Organization study groupThe company imports Basic Element, Total Swiss Fit Solution, and other brands of nutrition.

Known as the country's seventh largest direct marketing company "TOTAL SWISS" brand. Through the province's 11 sales outlets, false products that regulate blood lipids, improve the intestinal tract, fatigue, strengthen bones, immune regulation and other health food health effects products were sold. The claim than after eating can make cells full of nutrition, vitality, and thoroughly improve the disease.

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