30.09.2016 -- 001

Wang Wenqin, a foreigner, lied about the United States of America biochemical doctoral degree, serving as the United Nations WHO Institute of the World Health Organization member. Owner of "TOTAL SWISS" brand, through direct marketing in less than 2 years gained more than 80,000 members and a turnover of 32 billion yuan, selling products that claims Repair cells, regulating immune health food, etc. The prosecution launched a search operation on the 29th, this morning, Wang and seven men were arrested and set bail ranging from 100,000 to 800,000 yuan.

In the "TOTAL SWISS" site, it is clear that the emphasis is the world's largest selling company, it also said in 2015 it entered the Taiwan industry Top 10 and the world's top 70 companies.

In fact, the prosecution has found, Wang import Basic Element, Total Swiss Fit Solution, and other brands of nutrition, mixed and then named them "TOTAL SWISS" for direct marketing saying they have the functions of regulating the blood lipids, improving the intestinal tract, strengthening the bones, and regulating the immune system. After eating, the cells can be filled with nutrition and vitality, so that the healthy cells can repair the injured organs naturally.

There are even people mistakenly believing Wang as a biotechnology professional, and gave up the original anti-cancer treatment and/or chronic diseases medication. The Prosecutor went yesterday to its headquarters, business premises and other searches, summoned Wang Wenqin and other seven people to the case, the information after the violation of health food law sets bail from 10 to 800,000 yuan.

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