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"TOTAL SWISS", which claims complete cell nutrition supplements, was used by more than 80,000 members in Taiwan, with a turnover of 3.2 billion yuan. It was allegedly exaggerated and sold without the permission of health authorities. The prosecutor of the Department of Public Prosecutor, Yang Shih-chih, commanded the investigation office of Taichung City and other units to search for "TOTAL SWISS" import company Dragon Swiss International Group and responsible for the sale of eight international business units and found the company responsible person Wang Wenqin. Degree and has served as the United Nations WHO World Health Organization members of the International Study Group, but cannot get the relevant supporting documents, so Wang Wenqin and surnamed Huang, 7 were in charge, respectively, in violation of the "Health Food Control Act" and other suspects, the decree 100,000 to 800.000 NTD bail.

In the afternoon, Taichung City Mediation Office held a press conference to showcase dozens of cases of "TOTAL SWISS" products and various documents for propaganda. The investigator said that the unauthorized importation of health food products has exaggerated the effect. The source of energy "and thus contrary to the" Food Law "the relevant provisions of the current seizure of the company's products by the test, the ingredients are mostly compound side food, but there is no relevant domestic norms.

He Mingyan pointed out that according to the survey, the company sold a group of three sets of products, the purchase price of about 9 euros, about NT $ 360, but in Taiwan to sell a 6090 yuan, From January last year has been 3.2 billion profit.

TOTAL SWISS, which was inspected and investigated by the company, came to the head of the company in February this year to sign a sponsorship deal worth NT $ 2.12 million with the Taipei City University Department of Sports Tactical Kungfu Teams. The company agreed to provide daily training supplies, while also sponsoring athletes to go abroad for the competition funds, as well as to help the family cold student athletes, the cost of daily life.

However, more than 300 people, including Taichung City, Taipei City and Taoyuan City Health Bureau, dispatched more than 300 people to "Dragon International Group Co., Ltd.", "Eighth International Business Co., Ltd." and other establishments. Inspection and search, seized a large number of products and advertising text declared.

According to the prosecution, Wang Wenqin imported from the Swiss Name Basic Element, Total Swiss Fit Solution, and other brands of nutrition, through the eight horse company "TOTAL SWISS" brand high price.

Wang, a foreigner, claimed to have graduated from the Department of Physics, to have a biochemical doctoral degree and to have served as the United Nations WHO World Health Organization International Study Group members to win the trust of consumers. The product claims to regulate blood lipids, improve the intestinal tract, fatigue, strengthen bones and so on, immune regulation, can repair the cells after eating, full of nutritional vitality, cell health after the body can repair the damaged organ, completely change the disease. But in fact the product without the health unit permission to sell.Tiaojing verification Wang is not a graduate of the Department of Physics, as other school experience, still cannot provide the relevant proof.

However, the product sales from January last year, has 80,000 members, turnover of 3.2 billion, prosecutors pointed out that people believe that the efficacy of the product, to give up the original anti-cancer treatment, chronic medication, spent a lot of money for compensation Health.

However, Huang and her daughter long-term use of the product, and said her daughter because of heavy use of their products, eat a good spirit, that the prosecution should further test the product whether the problem, so to bring the public peace of mind.

In addition, the company has many that attract members to participate in, will also sponsor many athletes to use the cell repair products, and donated sports funds, it is difficult to imagine the problem is the industry, hoping to clarify the product problem as soon as possible. (Court Center / Comprehensive Report)

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